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Elbit imaging Group

Mr Ron Hadassi served as a Director and senior manager in various public and and private operating companies in Israel and abroad. These companies covered a range of industries, including: real estate, finance, industrial, and retail. Some of these roles included Chairman of IKEA Israel, Supersal Ltd – the largest retail chain in Israel, and as Vice Chairman, Nanette Real Estate Group NV as Chairman & CEO.

In his current role, Mr. Hadassi serves as Elbit imaging Group & subsidiaries Chairman (public company traded in NASDAK & Tel Aviv). Mr Hadassi was appointed by the bondholders, after restructurings of the company’s debt, and led the sale of Elbit group assets, in order to repay Elbit’s debt. Elbit Imaging Ltd Used to operate in (i) Commercial and Entertainment Centres – located in USA, Central and Eastern Europe and in India (partly in partnership with its subsidiary Plaza centres (N.V) – Public company) ; (ii) Hotels operation and management; (iii) Medical Industries through Elbit Medical Technologies– (public company)  ;The group sold most of its assets including the Radisson Blu hotel complex in Antwerp during 2015 and the Radisson Blu complex in Bucharest in December 2017

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