Ruslan Husry

CEO/ Managing owner - HR Group

Throughout his academic career, Ruslan Husry gained the titles Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Master of Law (LLM). His entrepreneurial success is based on many years of experience as a company consultant, investor and manager for internationally acting companies as well as his work for various investor groups within Germany. With the acquisition of Markgraf Hotel in Leipzig in 2008, he began creating the HR Group as one of the leading hotel investment and operating companies in Central Europe.

The HR Group is one of the leading multi-brand operators in Central Europe. The Berlin-based company has been successfully acquiring and operating hotels for more than ten years. With more than 145 hotels in over 100 cities and 10 countries, including various projects signed and under construction, over 25.000 rooms, HR Group continues to strive for expansion.
As a multi-brand operator, the HR Group is partnering with well-established hotel groups including Accor, Vienna House, Wyndham Hotel Group, Dorint Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt and Deutsche Hospitality. Further it is acting as reliable partner for institutional investors such as Pandox AB, DEKA, Union Investment and others. The HR Group is strongly represented in different markets and has achieved above-average sales performance in recent years.
Comprehensive market and extensive real estate knowledge as well as professional management structures form the basis for success. HR Group is looking for city and business hotels in international and national cities as well as resorts in leading leisure destinations.
Founder and sole shareholder of HR Group is Ruslan Husry, who has been successfully working as an investor, managing director and manager of various hotel and real estate projects. Since 2008 he has been working as an entrepreneur as well as the founder and managing director of the HR Group.
“The power of imagination makes HR Group infinite. With our unique set of great people, excellent market knowledge, tremendous track record and a vast variety of successful co-operations with financial institutions, all combined with our passion and dedication for success – we want and will expand our business gradually. Utilizing our unique platform, creating synergies with more than 20 brands currently in operation and enhancing back-end technologies by a wide margin, will give HR Group the competitive advantage and maximizing profitable returns; whether for a single property and/or entire portfolios.”

09:10 - 09:45

Tuesday March 28th

The Vienna House Keynote Story

Rupert Simoner
President of the Advisory Board, HR Group Management GmbH

Ruslan Husry
CEO/ Managing owner, HR Group Management GmbH

Dimitris Manikis
President of EMEA, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Chair: Marius Gomola
Managing Director, Horwath HTL Hungary