James Chappell

Globall Business Director - Horwath HTL

James Chappell, Global Business Director - Horwath HTL. Originally from the world of advertising, James started in the hotel business in the best possible way, by accident, and has never left. James did a three-year management trainee course at the famous boutique hotel, Lydmar, in Stockholm before leaving to join consulting firm Overlook Hospitality Management. James was Managing Director of The Bench for 5 years before becoming Managing Director of STR Global. A regular speaker at conferences and on TV (CNN, BBC) and others talking about the industry.

08:55 - 09:00

Tuesday March 28th

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James Chappell

Global Business Director, Horwath HTL

Marius Gomola

Managing Director, Horwath HTL Hungary, Founder of HOTCO