Christoph Flügel

Managing Director - Arbireo Capital

With an experience of more than 20 years in hotel real estate and finance, Christoph Flügel is responsible for all hospitality activities in the Arbireo Group. He led national and international transactions of more than 8 bn €, including restructuring and repositioning existing hotels. 

Prior to his current position, he worked as department head and authorised representative at Union Investment. He started his career at international law firms Lovells and Morrisson & Foerster.

11:30 - 12:05

Tuesday March 28th

Meet the Money - Who is Buying and Financing?

Milan Arandelovic

Head of Hospitality and Managing Director, Cerberus Global Investments B.V.

Nicolas Jover

Director-Associate, Hospitality Investment team, Azora

Lior Junger

Vice President, Aareal Bank AG Special Property Finance - Hotel Properties

Christoph Flügel

Managing Director, Arbireo Capital

Chair: Macy Marvel

Consultant, Macy Marvel Consulting & Journalist, The Hotel Analyst